Who Am I?

What is JamiFowler.com about? Who am I? Isn’t that a question we continually ask ourselves and refine the answers too? We start out as a blank canvas, and yet we are painted with everything we could ever be in a lifetime. As we grow, the paint thinner is applied in the same way that paint is applied, one brush stroke at a time. We take away what we don’t like, and add a touch here and there. A painting is born, a soul blossoms, a life takes shape.

I see it every day with my daughters. One day they like puzzles, the next they don’t. For a week all they want to eat is bananas, and then for a month they can’t stand bananas. They are constantly striving to discover who they are. At my “ripe old age” of 30-something, I am seeing that that process never stops. Sure, as we age it waxes and wanes like the tides, some days I’m stripping away more than I add, and some weeks I just keep adding without taking anything away.

I can’t answer who I am, or what I’m about, and I hope to never have that answer.

Recently I have re-learned that I am an artist. I have the heART and soul of an artist. I see life in bright, vivid colors, that I want to mold with my hands into tangible creations that can be picked up and viewed and inspected from multiple angles. I want to be an inspiration, I want people to look at what I am doing, what I am learning and want to copy me.

It’s in the copying that new art is made. When we are inspired by something, we strive to recreate it, to learn how that thing came into existence. And in the very act of copying, a new piece of art comes to life. No two works are ever identical, every artist leaves their signature, as unique as the person themselves.

Copy me, be me, but don’t forget to be you. And I will do the same.

All my love and bliss is yours to take, because the more I give away, the more I get back in return.

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