Where have I been?

In an effort to be an ally and not "normalize" the news feeds of various social media platforms that I am member of, I have refrained from posting photos, videos, and blog posts from my life for the last 2 weeks. I am have been quietly doing my part from a rural, whitewashed state by donating to bail funds, promoting black voices and links to black businesses that I have followed for a long time on my stories. I have always striven for equality for myself and all people that I come into contact with in my life. That is, I was raised to see color, and honor the differences that make us all unique, and I was raised to see that 99% of people are good people. I have grown up moving around the country, with a few rare opportunities to travel beyond the borders of the United States to see other cultures and meet people that don't match my socio-cultural-economic background. That has given me a chance to see that the world is NOT FAIR, and I was born into a skin color that would make life easier for me in many ways that I have never been able to imagine. I have benefited from being white in a society that was designed for white people with the labor of the people that truly make the united states a wonderful place to live.

It's unfortunate that the world we inherited as Millennials and Gen X-ers is the way it is. But we outnumber the baby boomers and the fact that we are unifying our voices to say enough is enough and this system that hurts so many has to change, and it has to change now, is so amazing. I'm glad to witness the crumbling of the American Empire. We were rotting from the inside out. When a tree rots from the it is dangerous. A slight breeze could bring it down unexpectedly. We try to bring those trees down before they can cause more damage to the healthy ones around them. The rotten core of the American Empire has been exposed, and if we bring it down, we are opening up the ground to let many smaller, healthier systems take its place.

I'm going to start being present again online. I am going to continue bringing the same type of content I have in the past, mostly sewing and knitting as these are the things that occupy the largest part of my mind and my time. I am going to keep my personal content limited to my blog for now, mostly because I don't want to add to the normalization of the social media platforms. I don't want to see this movement fizzle out like the climate change/ 1%/ and other social upheavals that this country desperately needs.

Gen-Xers have raised the Millenial generation to see the inequality in the world. We have taught our children that everyone deserves recognition and respect (the "fallout" of the everyone gets a prize era is that we have taught our children that we are all special). The punk era taught us to fight against injustice, to speak up against inequality. We have a lot of sway fellow white people, use that Karen energy to make the world a better place. Speak to the manager of the town council, get shit accomplished. Use that pent-up stay-at-home-mom/dad rage to help protect children that are struggling in a world that is set up to make them fail. Change the system. You may not be the only one benefiting from it any more, but social justice is not a fucking pie. If you help someone have MORE social justice, that doesn't mean you get less. It means everyone is more protected.

I'll start getting caught up on the fun, floofy, pretty fibery stuff soon. But for now, fight the good fight.

If you read this far, add a comment with your favorite black/immigrant/indigenous owned business. I am always looking to shop small businesses and expand on my tried and true favorites!

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