When You Live in a Tiny House

No one tells you how to keep a lid on the clutter. It requires ruthlessness (which I sometimes have). No one tells you how to maximize your space, how to find hidden storage spots.

My husband and I love watching those Tiny House shows. You know the ones, where families downsize from a 3,000 square foot home to a 500 square foot home. They get walked through down sizing exercises to show them how to keep what’s most important and how to let go of the rest.

But we don’t see what happens when the cameras stop rolling, when they decide to start a business out of their home, add another kid or two. What happens after they have lived in their home for 2+years?

I’m going through growing pains in our own extreme tiny home right now. (Our home is approximately 211 square feet) I’m trying to start a small business in a house where I don’t even have room for a bedside table. We added a fourth (beautiful, amazing, wanted) person to our family in May. Our family and ideas keep growing, our life is always in Flux with the changing of the seasons. Our house is very much the same size it always has been.

Our garage/workshop/storage space is bulging at the seams with things we need but don’t have space for and mouse nests. A lot of that stuff we are storing “for when the big(ger small) house gets done” isn’t even going to make it to the big house. Mice. UV damage. It all takes its toll. We sift through the remains. Keep what’s good, parcel out what’s left. Some goes to consignment, goodwill, recycle, burn, most of it goes to the trash.

Creative genius takes space. Families take space. Life takes space.

So we weave the Web of our life in and around each other. Parts of my life that feel so separate from other parts merge, get tangled, untangled, and continue on.

It’s gloriously frustrating, beautifully difficult, charmingly ugly at times. I wouldn’t have it any other way.


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