What do I do when I have a creative block?

For me, a creative block sometimes feels like when you're trying to put two magnets together the wrong way and you can feel the resistance between them. Sometimes I feel that way about a project that I was really attracted to earlier and suddenly one of my magnets gets flipped around and even though it's something I know I was attracted to, there's some invisible force now keeping me from working on that project.

Sometimes it takes a while to recognize the fact that there is resistance there, and realize it's not just needing to regroup after finishing a big phase before tackling the next one. If I find the resistance lasts more than a week or two, it usually means that there's some sort of invisible resistance happening and my job is to figure out what it is. Do I have a broken system? Do I need to learn something new before I can proceed? Have I realized that this is not turning out the way that I want it to, and have lost interest in finishing the project?

Something I am really dragging my feet over currently is grading my latest knitting pattern in a spreadsheet. I think about doing it every time I have a free moment, when I am trying to decide what I am going to work on next. I can feel myself repel at the thought of working on the project because I don't have practical experience implementing these skills I've only learned about.

What I need to do is break it down into a bunch of very small, bite-sized steps to work on and make a checklist.

1) I need to get the sweater out.

2) I need to lay it out flat.

3) I need to measure a 10 cm x 10 cm gauge swatch, and write that information down.

3.5) I need to measure the finished garment, as well as the child it is meant to fit.

4) I need to open up a new google doc spreadsheet.

5) I need to decide what range of sizes I want to make this pullover available in.

6) I need to build a spreadsheet with the range of sizes I have decided on.

7) Using my original sweater as a guide, I can start filling out my spreadsheet.

etc. etc. I NEED to remind myself I don't have to do this all at once, because it is nearly impossible to do anything all at once when I have 2 businesses to run as well as parenting duties.

When all else fails and I can't get back into a groove, I switch things up. I will read a fiction book, watch a YouTube video, tackle a small sewing or mending project. It helps to finish something small that I've been putting off for a while to give me that good "finishing" mojo that can carry over into tackling the hard projects. Another thing I will do when I can't get into a good creative groove is deep clean 1 room in my home. Just mindlessly scrubbing away dirt can really help clear out the cobwebs in my own head so I can focus on something that is challenging me.

Leave a comment below on what you do when you experience a creative block.

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