Wet/Nuno Felting and Slow Fashion

So I have been pos

fast fashion isnt

But you would be wrong to think it doesn’t affect you, or is something that you can ignore.

what you do makes a difference

Think about this, and its really simple. Fashion literally touches everyone, we all have to wear clothes. And chances are you own one if not several, pieces of clothes made by a child or a slave. People die for cheap clothes. Cheap clothes are filling the already over-burdened landfills, are dumped in the ocean, clogging your and your kid’s closets and poisoning the planet. 

gray purple gradient skirt toddler

I don’t want to be a part of that cycle anymore. So much in this world feels beyond my control, and I feel so helpless to change any of the bad. But this is something I can do. I can clothe myself and my kids in stylish, comfortable, attractive clothes that come from materials I personally source and put together. I can teach others about why slow fashion is so important, and teach them and you how to make a beautiful capsule wardrobe of clothes you love to wear and that makes you feel lovely when you wear it.


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