The In-Between Time

It feels more and more like 2020 is an in-between time. A time of recognition, of transition, transparency, transformation, and growth, it is a collective "dark night of the soul." None of these things are easy or simple to do,ask any woman that has gone through labor and experience that moment of transition when they have to accept the inevitably of their own imminent mortality. Transistion is a moment when you realize you are going through a metamorphosis and you won't be the same person when it is over. As a culture, we are experiencing this chaos and using it to foment change. The process is difficult and uncomfortable, to put it nicely.

I have nothing to add to this particular story other than the fact that I am here. I am listening. I support what you are doing. I don't expect your emotional labor, you have enough to focus on right now.

What can you do to help? Are you registered to vote? If you are healthy and able to, why not look into be a poll volunteer? There is a shortage of polling volunteers this year because a lot of them are elderly,and exposing themselves to covid is a risk that could prove fatal (not that YOU are expendable, my dear. But if you have a healthy immune system and no underlying issues, please consider not just voting, but helping others vote in whatever way works best for you and them!)

Are you keeping open lines of communication with your children? Partners? Spouses? Family members? Are you having difficult conversations with yourself? Can you admit that you are racist? If you are white, you have benefited from racism, you have engaged in microaggressions even if you don't realize it. Can you forgive yourself for your past transgressions, and commit to growing from this new knowledge? You are responsible for helping to change this broken system that you and I and we benefit from every day. Use your privilege to change the world.

Social media is such an amazing gift. With it, people have knowledge and access to knowledge, and knowledge is power. Keep your eyes and your mind open. Don't turn a blind eye or a deaf ear to what is happening. Change is coming whether you acknowledge it or not. By resisting change, you are setting yourself up for a crude awakening when you no longer have a choice about ignoring what is happening. Even the most backwater, off-the-beaten-path places change eventually. Change is coming for you, so are you going to help and be the change you want to see in the world? Are you going to be a beacon of hope and love? Or are you going to turn your back on your own inevitable future?

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