The Amazing Fowler Family

The Amazing Fowler Family began with a single mother, Jami, and her 1 year old daughter Pip. They moved cross country from Seattle to Maine on an overnight flight with nothing more than what they could carry and their little chihuahua dog in 2012.

They were received in the morning by Jami’s best friend from Seattle who had spent months begging Jami and Pip to move. Maine is much more community and family oriented (if you run in the right circles) than Seattle could ever be, especially for a single mom with a weak work history and no college degree. So the move was made.

Shortly after making the big move, Jami found a good daycare and a job in the produce depart at a local natural food co-op and began to settle in to their new life. But life has a funny way of deciding when things need to shift, even when it feels like everything is perfect.

One night Jami was perusing the personal ads on Craigslist, mostly for the laughs, and she happened to stumble across and respond to a very sweet ad. Now you must understand at this point that Jami had always been quick to dismiss any and all written content that was not written with proper grammar and spelling. But this particular ad was written by a man that she quickly came to find out was dyslexic.

They decided to meet at Jami’s friend’s house for dinner so the friend and her husband could help Jami decide if this Man was worth investing her limited time and energy into. So Jami and Celine raided the garden and farmer’s market for vegetables, and dispatched a chicken to roast for the dinner.

For the Man, it was love at first bite. He had never met anyone quite like Jami, nor had he ever had a chicken sacrificed in his honor.

They newly formed couple began spending evenings together, with the Man driving nearly an hour from his home in order to spend time going on walks with Jami and Pip, and watching movies together. Everything began to fall in place and it started to feel like a family.

A couple months later Jami had a crisis of housing, and the Man did what he does best…he made a home for Jami and Pip. He found a yurt on Craigslist, cleared some land on his property, and put the yurt together so they would have a home.

Jami and Pip moved in shortly after the Man completed the yurt. They spent a very muggy, buggy summer together navigating life as a budding family. It was all quite new for Jami, as she had never spent a summer on the East Coast before, had never lived in such a SMALL space, nor lived off-grid. There were bumps on the path, but everything worked out fairly well.

In 2014 the Man took Jami to Acadia national park, to Cadillac Mountain to propose. Jami is a woman of the sunrise, and the special thing about Cadillac Mountain is that it juts out far enough into the Atlantic Ocean, and is tall enough, that it is the very first place in the United States that receives the morning light. The Man knew how much Jami loved sunrises and made it a point to ask her to spend the rest of her life with him as the sun began to come up over the horizon.

The little family quickly discovered that not only were they going to be a family of three when the Man and Jami got Married on the winter Solstice of that year, but they were soon to become a family of four, as Jami was expecting a baby.

On December 21st 2014, the “Amazing Fowler Family” came to be as Jami and Zachary said their wedding vows in front of family and friends at Zachary’s family home in Vermont.

Five months later they welcomed Peep into the world as the frogs chirped and the owls hooted in the pre-dawn hours around their yurt.

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