Spring in Maine

Welcome Back Me!

Spring is in the air! It’s been above 40° for 48 hours, I’ve had 2 new goats kids born in the last 24 hours. I heard birds singing when I woke up this morning! Yesterday I started prepping garden beds for radishes, kale, garlic and peas. Am I dreaming? Is this real life? Life feels amazing, doesn’t it?

After spending the (oddly warm) Winter indoors, incubating my brain – meat ideas and waiting for Spring, it is finally here, and I’m back at the blog.

Peep is now 9.5 months old and nearly walking. It’s seems that the older she gets, and the busier things get around here, the more my creative juices flow.

I’ve spent years incubating a small business idea. As my interests have changed and grown, the little idea has grown and changed, too. I never really gave up on it, but i never really took it seriously, either. It was always more of an “if I break a leg or my back and I’m incapacitated, then I’ll get going on this” idea, than a “let’s write a business plan and do this sh!t!!!!” idea.

Over the years, I’ve surrounded myself with women I consider strong, independent, and successful. Most of them are small business owners of one sort or another. Some are farmers. Some are farmer’s and entrepreneurs.

(If any of you are reading this and think to yourself “me?”, yes, you!)

I’ve watched them, studied them, listened to them, and learned as much as a quiet fangirl can.

I’ve patiently and quietly obsessed over yarn, knitting, sewing, clothes design, needle AND wet felting and pretty much anything related to wool, including sheep and angora rabbits. I’ve refined and honed in on my skills and talents, taking my time since I’ve mostly just been entertaining my hobbies.

Today I took a huge step and I feel like I’ve finally crossed over the threshold from “maybe, someday I’ll do it” to actually starting.

Years have passed in an instant. I had no idea where I was headed most of the time, but suddenly all those side trips make sense. Suddenly I’m making something I’ve only dreamed about. Suddenly I’m actually living my dream, and not just dreaming about it.

I’ll be less vague in the future. I just have a big happy and needed to share.


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