Small Confession

I watch at least 5-10 Tube Videos every single day, thanks to YouTube Red. This is the genius of YouTube Red. When I’m out at a friend’s house, or the coffee shop, or the library, I can go through YouTube’s ENORMOUS database of video content, and download videos that I want to watch later when I’m not online, like waiting to pick my daughter up from school, cooking dinner, after the kid’s bedtime while I’m sitting there waiting for Zach to finish work so we can relax and watch Bob’s Burgers together.

My playlist is currently about 275 videos long, and I’m not sure I’ll ever get through it all, but that’s fine with me. Currently videos in my offline playlist cover everything from TEDx and TED talks (of which about half my daily viewing consists of), Filmora Video Editing tutorials, Optimizing YouTube, Stretches and exercises for Scoliosis, WordPress tutorials, Videos on female and couple’s intimacy and sexuality, yoni massage, and ways to enhance orgasm for both partners (hint, bedroom doors make a big difference in relaxing during intimate times), watercolor painting techniques, knitting techniques, felting techniques (both wet and needle felting), how to play the ukulele and sing better, marketing artwork, corsetry (the making and wearing of corsets, which I find to be particularly therapeutic given my history of scoliosis), the list could (and does) go on and on.

The point is that anytime I have 5 or 10 or even 20 minutes to spare, I can engage my mind and learn something new instead of playing mindless games on my phone. I am constantly sending my favorite videos to my husband, my mom, and my best friend. I don’t know if they watch them all, but the point is that I sifted through some of this material and was able to say “hey, I think this is something you might appreciate, maybe watch it when you have a moment?” I just think that it is so easy to get down on technology because it is such an integral part of our day to day life, but it can be used in a way to grow and be a better person instead of mentally checking out.

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