Silky Ogden Cami, part 2

I recently finished my second Ogden Cami by TrueBias. I keep going back and forth on how I feel about it.

I made my first Ogden Cami on the sewing machine: I don't have a lot of experience sewing clothes, sewing bias cut fabric, or working with slippery fabric, so the entire project was a challenge from start o finish.

When I finished my first, I decided to make another one. This time I cut my fabric out flat instead of on the fold. The back has a seam down the center because I was short on fabric. I decided to forego the lining because I did not care for how it looked or felt in my first camisole. I added length to the body. I went up a size in the bust area. I hand-stitched the entire project, including French seams and a tiny rolled hem.

Because I was not lining the cami, I needed to finish the raw edges around the neck and armholes somehow. I made the decision to do a rolled hem on all the cut edges using THIS YoutTube tutorial, instead of using single fold bias tape as I had seen another blogger do. When I finished all the edges, I pinned the shoulder straps in place and checked the fit in the mirror and walked around like that for a few minutes to see if they were going to slip before deciding I was happy with the placement and stitching them down for good.

I tried the camisole on and felt... disappointed and I'm not sure why. It looks and feels much better than my first attempt. I wore it all day underneath a button up shirt. The silky, loose fit was very comfortable. It never rode up on my waist, the shoulder straps never wavered from their spot, but I still feel unhappy with the final look. My concern, I suppose, is that I want to wear this as a layer under a future corset, and I'm wondering if the should straps will stay in place?

I think I just want a different style of camisole. I am most comfortable in racerback tanks with adjustable shoulder straps. So while I enjoyed this project, and I'm happy with the work I did, it will probably live in the back of my tank-top drawer. I'm ready to try stitching something else.

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