Sewing the Jalie Wet Suits for Swimming

Three years ago, I spontaneously developed a skin reaction to sunlight. When I am out in the sunshine and my torso is exposed to the sunlight, I get hives. This has been discussed previously, here and here. This was the impetus for beginning my sewing journey this year. I wanted to make myself a "rashguard" similir to what surfers use, to protect my skin when I went swimming with my daughters.

So in late February, I bought some swimsuit material from Mood Fabrics as well as picking up the Jalie Skinsuit 3135. I finally got around to sewing my wet suits when the girls discovered leeches in the pond and refused to swim anymore. They were afraid of getting leeches, and I realized I could alleviate some of the fear by sewing them long-leeged, long sleeved, hooded wet suits.

This pattern was so easy to make. I have never worked with stretchy knit material before. I have never sewn body suits before. I have never installed zippers before. I have never top stitched before.

The pattern instructions were minimal, but they covered everything in simple step-by-step directions with a simple line drawing to go with each step. Zippers were a little bit like an origami trick the first couple times I did them, but by the third zipper it was pretty straightforward.

I feel like a much more confident sewist after this project. I also learned that its a lot more fun to sew for me and the girls at the same time. We all get new clothes at the end, and it doesn't add that much more time to cut three garments instead of one. Okay, that last part about not adding much time is probably a lit. Actual sewing is the fastest part of a sewing project, when you consider how much time is involved leading up to using your sewing machine...

They say sewing is 30% tracing, 30% cutting, 20% pinning, 15% trouble shooting your machine and 5% actual sewing lol. It's not quite that bad, but you get the idea. Seeing how happy they are with their new swimsuits, that I have to force them out of at the end oft he day because they want to wear them 24/7, the extra time involved in sewing for them is a small price to pay for those smiles. And if they know they are getting something out of my time at the sewing machine, they might be more willing to let me sew. :/

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