Sewing a Bread Proofing Bowl, and then a philosophical deviation into the end of Capitalism

Last week I watched a YouTube video by where Mallory live-streamed herself making a bread-proofing bowl. She seriously made one in about 30 minutes. I figured if she could make one that fast whilst filming a a live stream video with her other hand, I could probably knock one out in less than 2 hours. So I made a bread proofing bowl last night. I am not going to give you the step-by-step instructions as that is all covered in the video link here. What I can tell you is that I made the bowl in about 1 hour, and I made handles instead of a hanging loop. All three kids and Dave (and myself) were all very impressed with how fast it turned out. I think the 3-dimensional shape is really what made it so impressive, not my sewing "skills". But I'll be making more of these in the future.

It was nice to make something that was not a mask for a little while yesterday. I want to get started on my next Ogden Cami, but because the fabric is so slippery, I can't just pick that up and work on it any old time, I really need to make the physical and mental space to focus on it when I want to work. Next week is my busy floor-cleaning week; I'll be working every night that the girls are with their dad, so I won't really have a child-free, work-free night for another week.

I have made a point to dedicate 2-3 hours every day to sewing masks for the time being. It's helping me feel resourceful and hopeful for a better future. Today is Sunday, and I am taking the day to work on computery-admin-things. I opened a store here on my website so I could keep better track of which masks I still have for sell, as well streamline the ordering process. Hopefully this will free up a little time each day to spend sewing more masks.

One final thing before I sign off for today. I have watched almost every single Bernadette Banner video on youtube, and that makes me feel sad. I love watching her videos while I am ironing and sewing. Her YouTube persona feels like an invisible friend to me. So I have started watching some of Cathy Hay's videos on youtube. Yesterday I watched two of her videos that really got me fired up. The first was about Journaling and the second was about Self Discipline. I love her voice, and I love her gentle demeanor. Watching those videos reminded me that I have a beloved fountain pen that has not been used much lately, and that last year I had purchased an 8.5 x 11" dot-grid notebook to use as my next journal and never even used it. And I am teaching myself self discipline every day that my back aches and my neck is tender and I still spend 3 hours making masks. I decided that I have more energy and am more likely to write in the mornings when I am drinking my coffee. I am usually quite tired at night and even though I like the idea of recording the days events, I would much rather enjoy snuggles with my partner than to sit at a table writing. I also decided that I am going to try to record actual events better in my journal rather than as using it a therapy, not that I won't occasionally do that too. But Cathy had mentioned indexing your journals to use them as a resource in the future, so I would like to look into how to do that.

I decided on a dot-grid notebook because I don't enjoy the wandering nature of my lines on a blank page. I also like to have the ability to include sketches and drawings in my journal without having to "look past the lines on the page". Finally, as much as I love pocket and purse-sized notebooks, I really don't need to carry one around. What I do need is to have enough space to include a drawing on the same page as my writing. Some people like smaller journals, but I like the larger format.

Covid-19 and Captialism Deviation

New covid-19 cases in Maine have apparently leveled off. We are in our second month of social distancing, and also in "Stage 1 of Reopening the State". I've been saying for years it is a shame that so much of Maine's economy is built on the back of tourism. Tourism can be such a fickle thing. Its a beautiful state and has a lot to offer in the way of natural beauty. I don't want to see my fellow citizens suffer this summer when a lot of the activities and typical income sources available to us have dwindled or dried up altogether.

But here is the thing I feel strange talking about. I am enjoying social isolation. I feel like humanity was running in circles like an exhausted toddler at bedtime. Just a lot of noise and motion without any real purpose besides ignoring (and being unaware) of the inevitable. And Mother Earth just picked us up collectively and put us in our cribs until we rested. Who else is completely exhausted all the time? I was tired of cleaning houses, I had planned on quitting by the end of this year. I didn't expect that to happen in March, so that was a little shocking to the wallet. But somehow I was lucky enough to be able to make a quick pivot and start sewing masks which I enjoy because I am making a tangible product meant to help people, and I get to practice my craft while building a stronger skill set. My kids are home all the time now, and they are actually calmer and happier now than they have been in years. We are picking away at long forgotten to-do lists and tasks that nobody had the time or inclination to do before the sickness. We are taking pride in the things that we own, maintaining them, fixing them, re-purposing them. We are cooking more and having game nights. The frantic energy of the outside world has subsided and internally I feel more comfortable and at peace than I have in a long time.

We have real time evidence of the impact human activity (and currently lack there of) has on the environment. Skies are clearer than they have been in memory. We could rebuild humanity in a way that benefits all of us as a species, but I don't expect that to happen on a global scale. It would be amazing if it did, but honestly, I am kind of used to this country feeling like a circus being run by oligarchs that only care about themselves and seeing its citizens as expendable cogs in a Rube Goldberg machine.

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