Re-Purposing is Vital to the Homestead

We use, reuse and re-reuse things around here a lot. We buy our clothes used at goodwill (except for underwear and socks.) Sometimes (okay, a lot of the time) I’m a sucker for a good wool sweater. I always look in the next size up for sweaters that got washed and shrunk. To me, felted just makes it better. Pre-felted sweaters aren’t going to accidentally shrink in the wash, they are more impervious to wind, rain and hay, and they are great for making diaper covers out of.

This week I’m Re-Purposing four of my old wool sweaters (that I can’t nurse Peep in) into new long pants diaper covers for Peep, and leg warmers for Pip.

Another old thing I’m giving new life to this week is our old dog exercise pen. Thanks to our prolific bunnies, we have 19 baby bunnies that are going to need somewhere to live in 8 weeks. We used to let them grow out to butchering age (16 weeks) in their mom’s cages, but it just gets too crowded and too messy. And that was when the rabbits were having smaller litters.

So I took the exercise pen, a baggie of hog rings and some old fine mesh fencing we had laying around from an old project and started making a bunny pen out of it. Right now I’ve only managed to reinforce the sides, as I ran out of patience for ripping my skin up on the fencing and ran out of hog rings.  The new pen still needs a floor and a lid of some sort. I still have a few weeks to get it done, but I made a good start on it yesterday at least.

You can turn all sorts of things into rabbit cages though. Just check out pinterest if you ever need inspiration.

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