Quiet Days Are Here Again

It’s the time of year when my days are getting more and more quiet. I still have chores to do: feed and water the animals, clean the house, etc. But I spend a lot more of time in my head beginning in the fall, even more than normal for an empathic, highly sensitive introvert who is also an INFJ.


That being said, I don’t have much to talk about today that’s interesting.


Here’s a picture of Peep asleep in my lap. She’s started sleeping this way during the day.


I also decided to comb out my dread locs. I’m about halfway done since I started two days ago. They have been in for 8.5 months, so it’s a slow, painful process. I love the way they look, but I’m really missing brushing my hair. I’m hoping to have it all done in two more days. The key is to use a lot of coconut oil and take your time.

I live to take a walk down our driveway each day so Pip has a chance to run and we all get fresh air. The dog really loves it too. Pip is forever making mud pies. “Does mud melt, mama?”


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