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Once again, my small rabbitry here at Beyond Hope Farm  has produced another generation of bunny babies.

This morning my blue Silver Fox doe, Blueberry, kindled 10 live kits. It may have been 11, but one was dead when I checked the nest box this morning.

I’m still waiting on my black SF doe, Blackberry to kindle her litter. They were both bred on the same day, so I anticipate kits any time now.

A rabbit’s gestation is 31 days, and they don’t actually ovulate until they are bred. We raise heritage silver fox rabbits, a lovely american breed. They produce a nice carcass for the dinner table as well as beautiful pelts that were originally used to make bomber hats. The American Livestock Breed Conservatory lists them as a threatened breed. We like them because they are such a docile breed.

Rabbit is actually our main form of white meat in our diet. We breed our two does twice in the winter, yielding us about 36 rabbits of butchering weight. We don’t need in summer because our rabbits are more stressed by heart than cold, so we give them a break during the hotter months.

We typically butcher later than most people do because we want the coats to develop as much silvering as possible, which starts at 4 weeks and finishes around 16 weeks.

Rabbit is cheaper, faster and easier to raise than chicken, and the meat is delicious and versatile.

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