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We bought our house 11 days ago, and started moving in that night. Now that we have a nice big, old farmhouse with enough space for everyone to stretch out a little, my dream of having a crafting studio is finally coming to fruition. This is a dream that has been in the making for many, many years, and I am tickled pink that it is finally becoming a reality.

When we first moved in, my husband and I put all of our “office” belongings in my studio so that he would have room to put in a large rug to cover the horrid floor in his office and get straight to work releasing his latest video for his YouTube channel Fowler’s Makery and Mischief.

My boxes are in the window seat of the far left corner, the rest is Zach’s.

But then last Friday, the day before our housewarming party, my office was still floor to ceiling boxes and suitcases and Rubbermaid totes, 80% of it belonging to Zach. The following day was supposed to be our house-warming party, so my stress had reached epic levels. Fortunately, Zach is really good at jumping into action when the steam starts coming out of my ears, so by bedtime Friday, my office was officially my office/studio/craft space to do with as I pleased. As much as I wanted to start unpacking backs and sorting away things I have been collecting for years in anticipation of this momentous occasion, I had party and in-law prep to get to. So I organized the boxes the best I could and set about wiping up toddler spills and dusting cobwebs full of old cat hair off the walls.

Ahh, room to figure out what I want to do with this space now.

Saturday’s party was a huge success, and it was so nice celebrating this HUGE victory with our friends and family who have watched us outgrow our yurt and go through all the trials and hardships that last year brought us. It felt like every one of them brought a piece of love to share with us.

Sunday my in-laws had to drive back to Vermont, so after breakfast and several rounds of goodbyes, I made a bee-line for my office and started going through boxes. I’ve managed to unpack as much as I can until I find or build some more bookshelves.

Pardon the mess, creativity in progress

Mr. Handsome putting my new-to-me desk together

Then I thought I might be able to design knitting patterns for a living. I have come to realize that even though I have an embarrassingly large collection of knitting patterns, I tend to buy them more for gauge and stitch counts that I can plug my own designs into. So pattern design may well be something you see more of from me in the coming months. But because we are headed into spring and summer, I probably won’t be knitting much.

Over the Rainbow Yarn. While working there I started taking on a lot of knitting repair work on the side. I have found that work to be quite exciting and engaging, as it always poses a new challenge. I love the idea of taking a piece of clothing that has been loved and worn so much that it starts falling apart, and breathing new life into it so that it can continue to be worn and loved. The problem with repair work is that it is not consistent, and most of my work comes in late fall/early winter and again in late winter/early spring. Those are usually the times that I want to be knitting for myself and my family, so my personal work takes the back burner to paid work. I think this is my last season taking on repair work as I have other projects calling my attention away. 

I never expected so much beauty to come out of so much pain, but there it is.

Thank you Ryan, you keep giving me gifts of love.

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