More Bunnies

Our black SF doe, Blackberry, finally kindled her litter last night. Sorry for the dark picture, black babies in a dark nest box, early in the morning. BlackBerry stuffed so much hay into her nest box that I had to put my camera in a literal tunnel of hay.

9 beautiful new additions to the farm, and she finally seems to be getting this mothering thing down. Her first litter had about a 50% mortality rate, her second litter survived but we’re all visibly much slower growing than Blueberry’s litter.

This time around she started working in nest building about 2 weeks in to her pregnancy, and pulled a lot of fur starting yesterday. All nine kits appear to be healthy so far.

I always make sure to handle the kits before I do anything else in the rabbitry or on the farm. My hands are cleanest then, and I dont want to transmit anything to the delicate little babies.

#rabbits #silverfox

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