I woke up with a migraine today, so my expectations for what I wanted to accomplish went right out the door.

Movies, cutting up old catalogs and coloring on herself for Pip. Got my glasses out of storage, they always help on migraine days. We are eating PB&J sandwiches and top ramen and yogurt with granola today.


I have no idea what my triggers are. Could be seasonal changes, the full moon, heavy work load, who knows? We pushed pretty hard last weekend with the birthday party and working on the winter barn, and the weekend before that we were sick. I haven’t really had a chance to recover from any of that. So…whatever. I’ll work on darning a sweater today when the girls go down for their naps, and I’ll just try to be gentle with myself today.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll have something slightly more interesting to blog about.

#2015 #migraine

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