It’s Mud Season 

It’s finally starting to look like Spring around here, thank goodness. The snow is slush on top of ice, the freezing rain is coating the door handles, and the mud is nearly 6 inches deep already. I missed this time of year.

Midcoast Maine is a place where Spring comes earlier than most of the rest of Maine, which is nice. But it still seems to show up weeks later than most of the rest of the United States, the exception being the Upper Midwest.

I grew up in and around the greater Seattle area, and by the end of March there, the daffodils, narcissus, and crocuses all seem to be in bloom. I have really struggled with how late Spring-like weather starts in Maine, because by the end of February I am done with Winter, but I still have 6 weeks of cold, snowy weather ahead of me, and then another 2-3 weeks of cold, melting, snow-turning-into-mud weather after that before the warm, birds-tweeting, flowers-blooming, bees-buzzing weather returns.

The struggle is real. AND THEN…cue the bugs. Maine is my home now though, so I put on my knee-high muck boots and happily slog through the mud. Snow, bugs (black flies, mosquitos, and ticks to name a few), and tourists aren’t easy to deal with, but they keep the year-round population of residents low, which I love. So I deal with it.

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