How to Feel Like a Magician

Here’s the formula:

1 part fiber

1 part soapy water

1 part agitation

3 parts time

Mix all ingredients together in whatever shape you desire and before you know it, your fluffy fiber will be a dense mat of fabric. It’s like alchemy, especially if your dense mat of fabric can be sold for (hopefully) lots of money.


That’s what I feel like I’ve been doing for the last week. I’ve been busy, busy, busy, which is why I have not been blogging. Or on Facebook. Or Pinterest. Or Instagram. I eat, breathe, sleep and make felt 23 hours a day. My hobby-turned-profession has become an overnight obsession. I have yet to be anything short of amazed any time I finish a piece. I started small with journal covers and neck-wear, then made up my own pattern for a backless women’s summer shirt a couple of days ago.


My studio is nearly complete, the only exception being the fact that I’ve got boxes of wool all over my floor instead of sitting in the organizers I purchased and have yet to hang up. Oh well, I’d rather create wearable art than organize, not the biggest crime I’ve ever committed (oh wouldn’t you like to know).


Having a dream for so long and finally seeing it come to life, and turn out even better than I could have hoped is nothing short of a miracle. It has been such an amazing journey, and I’m just getting started.

Last night I had my interview with the Union Farmers’ Market committee to see if they would allow me to join the market as a full-time vendor this year. I had hopes of joining last year as a guest vendor, but everything went topsy-turvy pretty quickly when Zach left for Patagonia and Ryan died.


I got such amazing feedback from the Market Committee though. Really, I am so inspired to see where my business takes me. One person remarked “remember us here in Union when you get big and famous”, another said that my clothing line was beautiful and she thinks I’m going places with it. I was so embarrassed. I mean, I know my stuff is good, but to hear other people who I barely know tell me they love it is something else entirely.

I kind of laughed off the compliments with my beet-red face and said that because I’m all about Slow-Fashion (which you will be hearing a lot more about as this blog evolves) I can only make so many pieces in a day, and to give that up to get “big” is not my intention.

Another Farmer Market committee member followed me out after my presentation to recommend a market out on the islands where all the rich “away” people live, if that was something I might be interested in doing. I think it sounds like a lot of fun, but would be a huge time commitment for not only me, but my entire family. I’m concerned I won’t be able to produce enough my first year to meet the demands of two markets. But a boost to my exposure and profits wouldn’t be a terrible thing, either… I don’t know, I’ll have to sleep on it.

So opening day of the market is 3 weeks away, and I’m going to have to ramp up my production schedule to two finished pieces of clothing per day if I have any hope at all of not having an empty booth in 3 weeks.

Finally, I went on Vistaprint yesterday after getting my finished logo design back and ordered fun stuff, like business cards, discount postcards and a poster with the “10 Principles of Slow Fashion” on it. I realized that I really want Slow-Fashion to be the cornerstone of my business. I am not just making disposable clothes, and I’m not making cheap clothes. I’m using luxury ingredients and materials, and taking a lot of time to make each piece by hand. When someone buys one of my skirts or shirts or scarves or dresses or jackets, I want them to know it is something that they will be able to wear for years to come; that it is a timeless piece, and that just because it is wool, doesn’t mean it has to be itchy.

10 principles of slow fashion poster
heartwork business card
heartwork postcard

This is just so exciting, thanks for riding alongside me on this journey.

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