How I Fixed My Small Pockets

Jeans. Trousers. Pants. Chances are that if you are a women, buying clothing off-the-rack or ready-made, you are all too familiar with what I am about to complain about.


I mean really, is it too much to ask for proper pockets that can hold more than a tic tac? I work with my hands for a living. I am bending over, going up and down stairs, carrying equipment, squatting, kneeling, etc. I have things I need to carry with me, and it is completely unreasonable to expect I will always have some sort of handbag or cross-body bag to carry what I need. I am tired of things falling out of my minuscule pockets, if I am lucky enough to have pockets at all.

There are options. I can buy clothes that have proper pockets. I can have clothes made for me that have pockets. I can make my own clothes. Or I can use a couple small pieces of quilting cotton (sturdy, smooth, colorful) to cut some squares of fabric out and lengthen the pockets I already have.

This was not exactly a difficult or lengthy process. From start to finish, it took me a couple hours to transform my jeans into something properly functional, and that was with hand stitching everything. If you have a sewing machine it could be a much faster process. I chose to hand stitch because I enjoy the process, not because it is superior in any way.

So the first thing I did was turn my jeans inside out and cut the bottom stitched seam off the tiny pockets.

I then lay my fabric out underneath the cut pocket edge and measured how much more fabric I would need by using my phone as a measuring device (I used my pin box for the photo since I was using my phone to take the picture.) It's a rudimentary measuring method, but my phone is the biggest thing I put in my pockets and I want the option of putting my phone in my front pocket and not just the back pocket.

Next you need to cut the width of the original pocket, PLUS 1/2 of an inch for your seam allowance. Don't forget you need a .25" seam allowance at the bottom of the pocket as well.

Using a back stitch, sew down both sides seams of the pocket extension, as well as across the bottom.

Turn the pocket extension inside out and place it inside the original pocket so both raw edges are lined up. Pin everything into place and back stitch around the raw edge.

Turn your jeans right side out, put them on, and marvel at how amazing it feels to put your entire hand in your pocket!


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