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I just realized that I have been absent from this space since last October. Thanks for sticking around, and thank you to all the new site members. It seems I am really great on focusing...on one thing at a time. From Early October until Mid December, my focus was on surviving my boyfriend's Wreath Season. I can't even begin to succinctly describe the chaos and sleep deprivation that is Wreath Season. It is maddening, stressful, exhausting and nearly drove me to my first true depression in years. And just when I got to the point that I couldn't take it anymore, it was suddenly over.

From mid-December until the holidays were over, I tried to wrap up a few sewing projects for the kids. I made footie pajamas from a Jalie pattern. I am a huge fan of Jalie patterns. They are well drafted, easy to make, easy to follow and quick to finish. By January 1, both girls had 2 pairs of zip-up footie pajamas, and a month later they are still the reigning favorites in the pajama drawer.

After I made the pajamas, I made a second Stasia Dress from Sew Liberated for myself. I had made a few tweaks to the pattern to fit my forward right shoulder, and overall I am happy with the result. I am probably going to go back to the drawing board and tweak the shoulder seam and sleeve cap again because they still don't sit very well on my shoulders. I do think this is probably the trickiest part of a garment to fit, so I am not going to be hypercritical about it, but I am going to keep fussing with it until I end up with something that makes me really happy. But my dress is stretchy knit pinstripe wool with emerald green silk pockets, and I wear it every chance I get!

While I was working on the Stasia Dress, I also cast on for a new knitted cardigan. Unfortunately I did not do yarn math ahead of time and had completed an entire sleeve of the Snoqualmie Cardigan before I was almost 1,000 yards short of my handspun yarn. I found more fiber and contemplated purchasing it to spin so I could finish the cardigan, but the fiber was going to cost almost $200, so I ended up frogging it and starting on a new knit jumper, The Daily Jumper by Sabina Harnage re-using the same handspun yarn. The new jumper is turning out great, it really highlights the unique beauty of my white-on-ecru handspun yarn, and when I finish I am going to steek it and knit on a shawl collar and turn it into a cardigan.

And finally, I spent a week making little capes for the girls, one for me and one for one of my daughter's best friend. This pattern came from Twig and Tale and was a breeze to make. my only complaint was that I missed printing a piece for my own hood, and had to self draft it in order to get the hood to fit over my head and into the collar of the cape. All three girls capes were made of various woven wools with bridal satin to line them. My cape was made with a double weave wool (so thick and squishy) and dupioni silk as the liner. It is finished except for the wool hem, and I am dragging my feet over the last step when I should just get it done so I can wear my "blanket in disguise".

I have switched some of my creative efforts to making YouTube videos of my sewing makes. I enjoy learning how to edit film, although typing is much faster and simpler than video format. I am currently working on a few new sewing projects and will try to figure out how to link YouTube to this website.

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