Freeze alert

It had to happen eventually. It’s been so warm this autumn we actually haven’t had a freeze yet. We’ve had a couple light frosts, but the temperature hasn’t actually dipped below freezing yet.

In light of the freeze alert we decided to pull the carrots today. Tomorrow pip and I will pick the grapes for Zach to make wine with on Saturday.


While I was pulling carrots and weeding the grass out of the garden bed, Pip picked me a beautiful bowl of marigold flowers.


In middle of garden chores, my friend Glenn stopped by to teach me how to castrate our piglets. American guinea hogs are a slow growing breed, finishing in about 18 months. To prevent unwanted breeding between siblings or sons/mother we made the decision to castrate our three male piglets. It was a hard decision to make because we are going to cull their father later this fall and I didn’t want to lose those genetics in such a limited gene pool.

But I decided to keep his gilt out of this litter so we will be preserving his genes through her, and will have three nice piggies to eat in 2017.

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