Finished Objects Today...

Just a quick brag post before I get back to work. My first clothing pattern came in late last week, and my fabric came in today. While I wait for it to go through the wash cycle (in line behind some actual clothes laundry), I decided to finish the waxed canvas boxy tool pouch on the sewing machine, thereby saving my fingers the agony of pushing a sewing needle through 2 layers of waxed canvas, 2 layers of quilting cotton with interfacing plus a zipper.

After I finished that, I also finished the 7 small accessory pouches with snaps. I didn't need 7, but they were like potato chips, once I started making them I just kept going. I'll let my girls go through them and they can each pick a couple out. I ended up giving the previous boxy tool pouch that I made to my older daughter, as she just got braces on and she needed a dental hygiene kit to carry around with her. I figured if the kit was cute, she might be slightly less likely to lose it.

I picked up enough yardage of UVF fabric and swimsuit fabric to make myself two swimsuits, and the girls each get one. I'm not sure how well it will go, I have not really attempted to sew slippery knit fabric before. But I am patient, and willing to take my time. I have a great skinsuit pattern by Jalie that I am hoping will protect my sensitive skin from the sun when I want to take my girls swimming in the summer. For myself I am going to make the long sleeve, short leg version and the girls will each get a short sleeve, short leg swim suit.

I'll keep you updated on the process of sewing my first swimsuit.

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