Finished Diaper Soaker Covers

I couldn’t wait to finish Peep’s new pants/diaper covers, so I broke out my borrowed sewing machine today and got them sewed up in about 2 hours.

They aren’t the most beautiful things I’ve ever sewn, but the sewing machine was acting a little wonky, and all I had was black thread. And I rushed to get them done. They are rugged enough,  just kind of…ugly. lol, who cares? They will keep her legs warm and her bottom dry so I’m happy.

I have a regular long pants pattern, but they use such fabric, and don’t keep runny baby poos contained as well as the soakers, which aren’t warm enough for winter use. They are so bulky I don’t like putting pants over the diaper covers either. So I used the sleeves for the long pants and attached them to the covers with an elasticized inner piece. It was an experiment with the elastic, so I only did it to one pair to see how the baby cares for it.

The blue and brown pairs are merino, the white cabled pair is just plain felted wool. The short ones with the high waist are 90% merino/10% angora, and I made them extra thick to be worn overnight.

So now they are sitting in half gallon mason jars soaking in soapy lanolin water until tomorrow. Then I’ll drain them, wring them out and hang them up to dry by the woodstove. Once they are dry, they’ll be ready to use. Yippee!

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