Creating With Intention

It's so easy to be busy these days. I wake up and I'm already 3 days behind on my to-do list. I rush to get coffee, dressed, kids to school, off to work, pick kids up, after school snacks and dinner, bedtime routine, caught up on my digital to-do list, "downtime" with my partner after the dishes are done, laundry folded and showers are taken.

In the midst of all of that, I try to find time to create. It's an internal drive that I constantly feel the pull of. I want to create with intention, but even that takes organization, and sometimes I just don't have the energy to organize one more thing. I have dreams, goals and desires for my creative self that are frequently running up against the limits of my day-to-day self. My creative self yearns to be a free spirit, spend days on end in a non-existent studio that I have dreamed about for so long I know exactly where everything is, how it smells, what it looks like at various times of the day and year and various weather conditions.

This website and blog are a place for me to write down my dreams, to keep track of the wandering path of my creative life. I don't expect anyone to read this, there are probably a million crafting/creating/making blogs for people to read. I'm not sure what will make it unique besides the fact that it comes from my mind.

What am I currently working on?

I am currently chipping away at a pair of orange "text-friendly" gloves for my boyfriend's 17 year-old son to wear as glove liners when he is skiing.

I am slowly turning my "junk" stash yarn into lucet cord for a braided rug.... someday. By my estimates, I need about 50 pounds of finished cordage in order to make 6x9 oval rug. I was digging through my finished cordage and discovered a moth infestation that I need to deal with. Hopefully nothing go SO damaged that it is no longer useable.

I am learning how to grade patterns using a spreadsheet using the website She has a wealth of information for budding knitting pattern designers. The info is so detailed, I'm shocked she isn't charging for it!

I am trying to put together a style sheet, which is something knitting pattern designers use as kind of a master sheet for the beginning of new patterns. It has commonly used, standard abbreviations, place for gauge info, yarns, needles, etc. I need this because I have designed a shawl and a cowl that both need to have the patterns published. Of course, there are several steps between "I wrote a pattern" and "I'm releasing my latest pattern!"

I also wrote a sweater pattern late last year and knit a sweater for my 8 year-old daughter from the pattern. I want to grade that into a few children's sizes and then publish that, also.

So, with all these projects in various stages of completion, naturally I wanted to start a blog about it all. I'm hoping to tackle these projects a little at a time and share the journey and finished objects with anyone that might be interested in following along.

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