Bunny update

Blueberry’s kits are 5 days old now, and Blackberry’s are 3 days old.


Today I went to check on them to see how they are growing. One of Blueberry’s is really small, about half the size of his/her litter mates.


I took Blueberry out, flipped her onto her back, and let the tiny kit nurse for about 5 minutes. I’ll probably do that a couple time a day now until I see improvements in growth. I may even pull both litters and bring them to mom for feeding twice a day.


I want them to get handled enough that they aren’t afraid of us come weaning. I really hate handling skittish rabbits, and I think it’s cruel to never touch them until butcher day. They always seem so scared, and that really isn’t the peaceful death I want for them.


Blackberry has become very protective of her babies, not letting me get very close to them at all. Another reason to pull the litter except for feeding times.

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