The freeze is imminent and the 5 day outlook looks like we’ve hit deep fall, and that’s where we’re going to stay. I’m okay with that, my knitting needles ate clicking away. I have managed to get 1.5 sleeves done on Peep’s new sweater and half a birthday crown done for Pip in the last two days.

Yesterday Pip worked on her latest needlepoint project for about an hour while I snuggled Peep.

In the afternoon I remembered we needed to get the grapes picked before it got too cold. I bundled both girls up, even though the sun was shining there was a fairly chilly autumnal breeze to contend with. I managed to collect about 13 gallons of concord grapes.

We’ll be turning them into grape jelly, raisins, grape juice and a small batch of wine over the next few days.

I was going to cover our spinach and lettuce bed with some ground cloth yesterday to extend the season for another week or two, but then night before last or resident porcupine decided that napping in the asparagus patch want enough and mowed through about 2/3 of the lettuce bed. I guess I’ll just plant some fresh stuff inside when I start the windowsill herbs that didn’t survive transplant, cooler temperatures,  or the summer heat: basil, lemon grass, cilantro, lettuce, spinach.

After grape picking, of which 100% of Pip’s help was dedicated to eating as many grapes as possible, we came inside to warm up before Zach got home to take Pip to a birthday party.

We only got about 20 minutes inside which was more than enough time, then we walked down the driveway to meet him. Pip is turning 4 so this fall she is very, very excited about the falling leaves. She was jumping, dancing, spinning, and kicking up a storm. She even stopped to make some leaf angels.

The excitement was quite contagious, Fern was running back and forth and Peep even forgot her discomfort long enough to have a few giggles


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