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Ugh. I was on such a roll with my blog 8 days ago. I was also on a roll with pretty much everything else in my life. And then we decided to buy a house. Everything went into boxes, including my inspiration. I have sheets upon sheets of paper with blog ideas on it, all of them things that I really want to talk about. But then I sit down to start typing and end up staring at a blank screen until I get distracted by my kids, or my husband, or boxes that now need to be un-packed.

Yes, the move is over, we closed and moved almost everything of importance out of the yurt, all in the course of 3 days. For the last week I’ve been sorting boxes and unpacking. I’M SICK OF UNPACKING. I want to be blogging, and want to get my office set up and start making art again.

Tomorrow we have a housewarming party, maybe I could write about that. Ugh. Again. Oh, and Zach doesn’t want me to write about the new house until he Vlogs about it. But he’s back logged on Vlog ideas by a month at least (no vlogger’s block for him at least), and since moving is the only thing I’ve thought about for weeks, it’s the only thing that comes out of my fingertips every time I sit down to type. You can see my conundrum. I have three unfinished blog posts about the move and our new house.

Maybe…I could get some feedback from my readership? Is there something (besides the new house) that you would like to see a blog post about? Maybe I’ll just finish the three unfinished posts I have sitting around and move on. I never expected blogger’s block so early in the blog. I know I can get past it, even if it means putting out a few posts that are utter rubbish and no one reads them.

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