Big Bad Scary Zippers

Just kidding, zippers are actually pretty easy to install if you take your time. I have had a couple circle skirts laying around for about 8 years now (Yes, seriously) that I have moved and moved and moved and kept packed away in my closet. I have not worn them because they were never finished. They needed zippers. That it, just a couple zippers. Well, once I got over my fear of sewing in zippers thanks to the wet suits I made for the girls and I, I immediately ran up to my closet and pulled out these skirts. Then I ran back downstairs to my sewing room and found 2 zippers that I bought in a fit of hoping that if I owned them they would somehow magically attach themselves to my unfinished skirts overnight and I would have finished garments.

Well, I then proceeded to install these two very bright colorful zippers onto my very dark, neutral circle skirts and suddenly I have 2 more pieces of clothes to wear. It's like magic. After that, I ran (why am I running so much all over my house?) out to the garage to pull out two more unfinished circle skirts that I friend had made and gifted to me. She is a very petite woman, so I never felt a big need to finish these skirts because they are far too small for me to wear. But my 8 year old daughter almost fits them, so I decided to apply my zipper skills to these skirts too. I am hoping that by fall, with a thick pair of stretchy knit wool leggings, these skirts should fit Abby just fine. So I finished them. They needed a little bit more work, one needed a zipper and a snap on the button band, and the other needed to have the center seam sewn down, a zipper and a snap also.

They are now ready to go as well, hanging in her closet waiting for our brief summer to come to an end and autumn to come back.

Thanks to my new confidence with zippers I ended up with 7 garments for me and my daughters this week: 3 swimsuits, and 4 skirts. Sewing rocks!

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