Barn update

Last weekend, Zach and I cut the rest of the poles we needed to finish the barn roof, put the tipi up, and got about half of the roof poles put up.

We are using a draw knife to shave the top half of each pole so there aren’t any branch subs to poke through the plastic,  and Zach cross cut the bottom of each pole to rest securely on the cattle panel, and then each one got lashed into place.

We get a lot of wind here in the winter, so the whole thing needs to be wind and snow proof. Hence the steep angle of the roof, we want the snow top just sliiiiiide right off so we don’t have to take the roof in middle of the night if we get hit with a severe snowstorm.

Next weekend I think we’ll finish the poles and wrap the whole thing in boat shrink wrap. The gate and a section of the roof will be open though so it gets plenty of air flow. One of the worst things you can do for livestock is keep them in an unventilated living space.

Fern gives it her seal of approval.

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