Barn/Greenhouse Update

Phew. It’s been a slog. I’m happy to report that this huge project is about 95% complete as of November 30.

This weekend we finished shrink wrapping the exterior, raked up all the gravel inside for a future drainage pipe project, fenced it in and started moving the creatures in.

We split the inside into 3rds. The front third will be for a small stash of hay, grain buckets, our rabbits, and my milking stand. On the left side is the goats, and on the right side is the pigs.

The goat side is a little cramped currently, as we still have 5 goats to butcher next week. The pig side is pretty empty, as we only have 2 8-week old barrows in there. I’m slowly weaning the piglets off Meg so she doesn’t come down with mastitis. Mid-week I’ll move the other 2 piglets and our boar, and move Meg in with our other boar. She will stay with him until January when we butcher the boar she is with, and then she will move into the round barn with the other pigs.

Later this week I will start moving the rabbits into the round barn.

I’m so thrilled to have nice, warm, well-lit housing for the animals this winter. My husband is amazing, and this would never have been possible without his mad scientist genius.

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