Love to Sew Podcast - Hosts Helen and Caroline engage with the global sewing community and encourage listeners to create their dream wardrobe by sewing their own clothes! Guest interviews explore the online sewing world and running a small business in the slow fashion industry.

Clothes Making Mavens Podcast - Helena and Lori are two women who love to talk sewing but have exhausted the good humor of their non-sewing friends and family, so they now talk to each other! From across the continent they Skype to discuss their obsession with garment sewing. They also interview other like-minded sewists and delight in the wonderful international sewing community.

Sewing Out Loud Podcast - Zede and Mallory host the weekly podcast “Sewing Out Loud” where they discuss sewing techniques, pet peeves, and often feel free to compliment one another on their makes.

Self Sewn Wardrobe with Mallory Donahue - Mallory records three Facebook Live broadcasts each week in the Self Sewn Wardrobe Facebook group and publishes the audio as “The Self Sewn Wardrobe” podcast.

Sewing With Threads - From Threads magazine, the podcast for people who love to sew!


American Sewing Guild - Videos from American Sewing Guild headquarters

Bernadette Banner - "Generally the garments I study (and thus, the content I produce) range from early Medieval through Edwardian: anything and everything before the widespread use of the electric sewing machine. My goal is to investigate the practices and materials used throughout history in order to better understand the clothes themselves, as well as the people who wore them. I do also make most of my everyday clothes myself--reflecting historical details, of course--so there's a bit of that round here as well."

Cathy Hay - Hello, I'm Cathy. I've been working on my own mental and emotional health for 25 years. I offer no formal qualifications in this area, just personal experience and a quarter century of obsessive independent study, but I hope to help you as a friend - and a voice of sanity in a demanding world. When I'm sewing, I love to reverse engineer and recreate the clothing of the late Victorian and Edwardian eras so that it can step out of the glass museum case and live again. I'm also the founder of the award-winning online community Foundations Revealed, which helps ambitious dressmakers to connect, learn together, and realise their most daring sewing dreams.

Peter Lappin - Owner of the blog

Morgan Donner - "When I first started learning to sew historical outfits, I found dress diaries to be the most helpful learning tools. I want to contribute my projects in the hopes that they will prove just as useful for others!"

Mimi G Style - Learn To Sew With Mimi G

Made to Sew - Learn professional sewing and dressmaking techniques with our detailed tutorials. Check out our website for patterns, online and in-person classes as well as specialist supplies.

Threads - Threads, the best garment-sewing instruction available today No other sewing brand delivers the caliber of garment-sewing instruction provided by Threads: in-depth information, tailored to suit beginners to advanced sewers. Threads inspires creativity and delivers its unique brand of expertise through magazines, books, videos, custom web sites, eletters, and more. It's the go-to resource for fundamentals, insider secrets, and designer techniques for adapting patterns, fitting, tailoring, and embellishment.

Professor Pincushion - Our step by step video tutorials will teach you how to sew.

Zoe Hong - Teaching for a better fashion industry, one lesson at a time! I teach all kinds of fashion and general illustration techniques, figure drawing, fashion design process, color theory, and apparel tech design/product development both online and in schools. New tutorials based on viewer requests every Sunday 8am PST!

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