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About Jami Lynn Fowler

Hello, I am Jami, creatrix of Jami Lynn Creates. I have had a long history of making art for my personal enjoyment, as well as for my family. My specialty for the last 20 years has been fiber art, primarily knitting, spinning yarn, and some sewing. 

In summer 2021 I went back to school at University of Maine, Augusta to pursue my Bachelor of Art degree. One of my first classes was an introduction to ceramic sculpture by the wonderful Mary Alice Weber. I was instantly in love with clay and by the end of the semester had made the decision to build a pottery studio in my basement. I am still working on my degree, in addition to mothering two young humans, and running a commercial cleaning operation in the evenings. 

Please consider joining the website and setting up an account, or joining the email list to get updates of any upcoming pottery releases. Each piece that I make is one-of-a-kind and a reflection of my inner landscape as I discover the source of my peace. 

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